Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

The professional wood-burning oven must be an extremely high quality product providing a high performance with a low fuel consumption. It should serve its user many years without showing signs of wear and tear.

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Technical Characteristics

  1. The vault is in prefabricated, highly resistant refractory material. Its shape has been studied to obtain a uniform heat distribution with a minimum wood consumption.
  2. The cooking surface is in pressed, baked refractory slabs that have a high thermal resistance and are resistant to abrasions caused by cooking utensils. The oven floor can be replaced, after years of continuous work, from the inside leaving the refractory vault intact.
  3. The steel cable supplied, keeps the prefabricated parts of the oven united during the normal thermal expansion.
  4. The small door is in refractory material with an airtight closure to avoid heat loss (it is possible to remove it during functioning).
  5. The small hood in refractory material is for conveying the fuel smoke to the chimney (outlet 200 or 250°)
  6. The insulation, made of top quality insulating materials (vermiculite-clay foam and rock wool), creates a dynamic insulating layer avoiding thermal excursion outside of the oven dome.
  7. An optional thermometer, will be mounted on the front part of the oven.