Pizzeria Ovens with
Rotating Floor

Di Fiore has been producing prefabricated wood-burning ovens for pizzerias for over 45 years. Di Fiore has widened its production by introducing a wood-burning oven with a rotating floor that offers an unbeatable performance.

The revolving floor allows the pizza chef to introduce the pizza near the front door with less effort and greater productivity.

The fuel consumption is greatly reduced thanks to the shape of the refractory vault and the special thermal insulation. All the mechanisms that permit the rotation of the cooking floor are far away and protected from the heat.

The control panel, that is simple to use, allows you to regulate the rotation speed as you please.

The cooking floor will always be hot and it will allow you to cook hundreds of pizzas without having to wait.

The rotating floor oven is recommended for installations where space is a problem and production requirements are greater than 300 pizzas per shift.

As an option, the rotating floor over is available with a gas burner.

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