Ovens for Bakeries

After years of research and development, Di Fiore has two models of prefabricated wood-burning ovens that are of large dimensions for the production of bread. The main characteristics of our ovens are:
  • Dimensions. The large dimensions of these two models allow a sizeable production of bread.
  • Consumption. The low vault, excellent insulation and the shape of the smoke outlet result in a significant saving of wood.
  • Life span. The use of the best refractory materials means that our ovens do not suffer the consequences of fire over the years.
  • Oven type 140 with 5 doors of 23.6 inches width for putting the bread into the oven with a belt.
  • The loading of the wood is carried out by means of a small rear/side oven.
  • Empty the ashes into the bottom part of the oven in order to have a cooking surface that is always clean.
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